You Can_You Will! By: Joel Osteen

IMG_20141011_222850Hi There! Boy, have I been in the Spirit of Learning lately. From last week’s event @FunFearlessLife to stocking my personal library of books to read, I am in the whirlwind of knowledge and I can’t help but want to find the center of it! Knowledge is Power people! The saying is true. And so I would like to share with you a book I just finished: Joel Osteen’s “You Can, You Will”. Amazing read. The book focuses on 8 qualities of a Winner, The Winner in You. I really hope you get as much out of this as I did, or at least you will have about 6 months worth of Facebook statuses you can use! Don’t forget to give credit to Mr. Osteen! ( ) See below on the main highlights straight from his book, that will stick with me forever:

1) Keep Your Vision In Front of You – Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish;”

  • Studies tell us that we move toward what we consistently see.
  • All over your house, you should have pictures that inspire you, scripture verses that encourage you, mementos that strengthen your faith.
  • When you see something long enough it gets into your subconscious mind. It eventually drops down into your spirit. That’s when you Know it’s going to happen.

Bible Reference: The Story of Abraham – God gave him a vision – The stars, which symbolize how many descendents he will have. Through waiting and maybe sometimes doubt, he had this symbol to look up to and keep encouraged. And then it came to pass. Many generations did indeed grow from Abraham.

2) Run Your Own Race

  • Be true to who God wants you to be.
  • Don’t look to the left or to the right. You’re not really free until you are free from trying to please everyone. Don’t miss your destiny by trying to please others.
  • Don’t love the praise of people more than you love the praise of God. Be secure in who you are that you don’t have to live for their praise.
  • If you try to keep every person happy, the one person that will not be happy is you.
  • There are four types of people that may be in your life:
    • Those who Lift You – Brighten up your day, make you feel better about yourself.
    • Those who Thrust You – Inspire you, motivate your dreams.
    • Those who Weigh You Down – Dump their problems on you.
    • Those who Drag You – The one always singing the sad song.
  • Make sure your spending the majority of your times with the lifters and thrusters. Pray for the others.

3) Expect Good Things – Expect to be a Winner

  • Our expectations set the limits for our lives.
  • People don’t realize that they’re always looking for the next disaster. Change what you’re looking for.
  • One definition of Hope: Happy anticipation of something good.
  • Be careful on what you allow to play in your thoughts all day.
  • Be proactive and don’t replay over and over the bad memories, change the channel, remember your accomplishments, the things God has brought you through.
  • When you forget what you should be remembering, it can keep you out of your Promised Land. Psalm 78:11 “They forgot what he had done, the wonders he had shown them.”
  • Quit focusing on what is wrong with you and focus on the right! You won’t ever become all you were created to be if you’re against yourself.

Bible Reference: In the Old Testament, God commanded His people to have certain feasts and certain celebrations. One of the main reasons was so they would remember what He had done.

4) Have a Positive Mind-Set – Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on the higher things and keep it set.”

  • Every day we choose our attitudes. Life will go much better if we simply decide to be positive. Choose to be happy.
  • Your happiness Is all about your Approach to Life.
  • A negative attitude WILL limit your life.
  • It’s not your circumstances that make you negative; it’s your attitude about those circumstances.
  • When you have a positive mind-set you cannot be defeated. No matter what comes your way, you shake it off and keep moving ahead.
  • Keep your hopes up! Psalm 112:4 “When darkness overtakes the righteous, light will come bursting in.”
  • Life is passing you by, don’t let the time waste being negative!

Bible Reference: The Story of Daniel – Daniel was a good man, but had bad circumstances. He was thrown in the lion’s den for being obedient to God. God closed the mouths of the lions!

5) Commit To Excellence – Daniel 6:3 “Daniel so distinguished himself by his exceptional qualities that the king planned to put him over the whole kingdom.”

  • God Blesses Excellence – Do your best whether anyone is watching or not because He is.
  • Don’t just meet the minimum requirements; you go the extra mile. Matthew 5:41 “If a soldier demands you carry his gear one mile, carry it two miles.”
  • When you are an excellent person, you don’t get stagnant. You’re always taking steps to improve.
  • Excellence in everything – getting to work on time, the cleanliness of your household, what we wear.
  • We all have different styles. There is no right wrong. The main thing is to present yourself in a way that you’re proud of.

6) Keep Growing – Proverbs 22:29 “Do you see a person skilled in their work? They will stand before kings and great men.”

  • Winners Never Stop Learning.
  • Learning is not something you do for a period of life; it is a way of life.
  • Don’t go to the grave with your buried treasure.
  • Everyone should have a personal growth plan. Every day we should have a goal to grow. Proverbs 18:16 “A mans gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.”
  • Grow by having good Mentors – There are people all around us whom God put in out paths on purpose so we can gain wisdom, insight, experience.
  • Your skills have to be developed. Every day you spend learning you are preparing for your new level. You have to be ready to step into those shoes.

Bible Reference: The Story of Joseph – He started off at the very bottom, as a slave because he was sold by his brothers. He developed his gifts, made himself valuable. So valuable that he was eventually put in charge of the master’s house.

7) Serve others – As you Lift Others, God Will Lift You

  • That’s when you have true happiness, true fulfillment. You live not to receive but to give.
  • Every time you serve God sees it. You are doing it unto God.
  • You are never too big to serve, never too important, never too influential.
  • It will give you a satisfaction money cant buy. You’ll find a peace, a joy, a strength, and a fulfillment that only God can give. John 4:32 “I have food that you know nothing about.”
  • This can be done by simply speaking kind words, offering compliments, giving other encouragement.

Bible Reference: The Story of Jesus – He bowed down and washed His disciples’s feet.

8) Stay Passionate – 2Timothy 1:6 “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God”

  • Studies show that enthusiastic people get better breaks.
  • Don’t let your life become ordinary. We should live in amazement at what God has done.
  • We all face difficulties. “Trouble is inevitable, but misery is optional.”
  • Learn to travel light.
  • If you’re not passionate, you go from living to merely existing.


I really hope you all enjoyed this! I suggest purchasing this book and taking inventory of your life. Go through each quality, spend some time dissecting it, thinking about it and writing your thoughts down. Then begin your new life with this very motto – “I Can. I Will”!!

Learn to Be #Fearless to live a #FunLife @FunFearlessLife Event by Cosmopolitan Mag

First and foremost I just want to say how inspiring it was for me to attend this event. It was exactly what I needed and I am so excited to share this as my first post and with all of you readers at that!

But before we get to the nitty gritty of it all – please see my outfits for Day 1 & Day 2 below.

When I think of going on event that circulates on Women Empowerment – what comes to mind is the fact that I am most likely going to be around Strong Powerful Women and so I want to impose that I am serious through the clothing that I wear. I also thought to myself, well if I want the part I have to be the part. I chose two outfits that in my opinion gave me the confidence to stand among such pioneers and also spoke my confidence without having to say a word. As you will read below your fashion does speak before you even do and your stance also speaks volumes and so I, ever so humbly, held my head high and walked into the Lincoln Center feeling all kinds of Fabulousness.


Serious Monochrome – Blazer Dress @ / B&W @ Enzo Angiolini / BriefCase Bag @ Target


Sweet Business – Pleather Skirt @ / Plaid/Foral Blouse @ / Silver T-Straps @ Steve Madden

#PinUp Hair & MakeUp done by dear friend Margarita How To Instructions: / @SadieGlam_ _ _ /

The event was so much fun and had many perks by #Express & #Maybelline. You can find these pictures on my Instagram Page @DeeLovelyDiaries . Hit that Like button and any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for reading dolls!

The event was spearheaded by #Cosmopolitan Magazine and was named the Fun Fearless Life Event. It was split into 5 sessions of different panels from all scopes of people who actually pushed through the Fear and are now living out their dreams despite any negatives and any hurdles that may have come their way.

Each session had a group of Panelists – below are the ones that spoke to me and my takeaways:

Sara Blakely – Creator of Spanx “Thank God for Cellulite”

  • It takes two things to be successful: Attitude & Drive
  • These are the only two things you have full control over. It is even more important than what school you went to, who you know, and how you look. If you have the right attitude and drive you will get where you need to be.

Julie Greenwald – President of Island Records, began her career in Def Jam Records

  • No job is too small or too big.
  • There is no punching clock when you are on your career path.

Sallie Krawcheck – Ellevate Network

  • Don’t waste your energy in feeling outnumbered by the number of men in your industry. Instead use it to your advantage and be strategic in a male dominated position.

Megyn Kelly – The Kelly Files on FOX News

  • Pay attention to your “A-HA” moment.

Dr. Meg Jay – Author of Defining the Decade: Why your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now

  • Make something out of your weak ties! A weak tie is someone you are not good friends with. 75% of your opportunities come from a contact that you don’t know well.
  • Look for those people who are different and distant because there are weaknesses in Strong Ties:Yes, they are the most supportive, your similarity with them breeds connection but you are limiting yourself, it is like you are locked in the same room together.
  • The time is now to network and move beyond your circle. Social networks narrow as you get older! Start connecting.

Amy Cuddy – Social Psychologist; Professor @ Harvard Business School

  • Body Language – yes it’s important beyond your instagram pictures!
  • How we pose says so much about ourselves and what message we want to put out there. Unfortunately off camera we forget about these poses but you must remember someone is always watching. You don’t want to be sluggish in an important job interview right so what does Amy Cuddy suggest? – Power Posing
  • Power Posing is a stance that makes you feel powerful. Superman, or in our case Wonder Women superhero pose comes to mind or the victory pose as we see many times in competitive arenas. She suggests power posing before interviews or even before tackling on your day. If you start you day off in a good mood, it makes you smile and then you remain in a good mood. Maybe this seems odd for you to randomly pose like this, even in your most private times, she also suggests standing up straight. Tiny tweaks such as this one can make the biggest changes.

Dick Costolo – CEO of Twitter

  • Keep it Authentic
  • You don’t have to worry about ones expectations!

Grace Helbig – You Tube Sensation – Creator of It’s Grace

  • Celebrate your imperfections
  • Do not think of what is popular for everyone else. Do it for you first.

Adam Rosante – Fitness Expert @ CosmoBody

  • Decide what you want, get a crystal clear goal, focus on that goal.
  • Work backwards to “reverse engineer” your success with small daily tasks.
  • These actionable small tasks ignites motivation for you to keep going.

Kelly Osborne – Creator of Stories Clothing Line

  • Learn to Love Yourself!
  • Living lives we think we should more than the way we want is not the way to live. You are settling by living by someone else’s rules.

Jillian Michaels – Author of Slim for Life

  • Find the middle ground between desperation and denial & overflow and bingeing.
  • Be informed. Knowledge empowers you.

MD Jennifer Ashton – Author of Your Body Beautiful

  • Your success starts from taking charge of your health and well-being.

Jason Silva – Host of Brain Games

  • Overcome limitations. Listen to your inner thoughts intuition.
  • Use Technology to extend your reach.

Alexa Von Tobel – Author of Financially Fearless

  • When asking for a raise at work it is important to show your boss your career path in three easy points:
  1. State your accomplishments
  2. Show what you are currently working on
  3. Ask to take on more responsibility

Joanna Coles – Editor-in-Chief of US Cosmopolitan Magazine

  • Encourages us to create our own brand and point of view through Social Media.
  • Keep your energy high.
  • When your on a job interview your goal is to reinforce the interviewer you can get the job done.

Elizabeth Crystal – Chief Marketing Officer @ Express

  • Dress for the Job you Want.
  • Be appropriate in every situation.
  • Own Your Look. Make it apart of your personality.
  • Your fashion speaks before you.

Nina Vaca – Creator of Pinnacle Group

  • Surround yourself with role models – You can’t be what you can’t see.

Gabrielle Bernstein – New York Times Best Selling Author; Founder of

  • Do not be addicted to the pretense of “Fabulousness”.
  • Witness what is going on around you and take note of what you need to change. What is holding you back from your honest truth?
  • After you hold yourself accountable to change, focus on Joy.
  • Having Joy Increases Your Chances Of Success!

Now I am sure after having reading all of this, just as I felt after hearing all of this, that you are feeling Powerful & Fearless. The time is now! Lets start living our Fun Fearless Life!