@Closing Benefit #LingerieFashionWeek w/ #PinkChoseMe

Hi There!

So sorry for the time lag in between posts. I’ve been busy busy busy. I actually wanted to share with you my experience attending the Closing Benefit of Lingerie Fashion Week that I went to at the end of October. (I know I know, NOW you say!) Well I’ve had to do a little bit of research for this blog post because I thought I was just attending a normal Fashion Show… not that I ever go to these things, it was my first time! Let me continue, I thought I was going to a regular fashion show, but this fashion show in particular show-cased women of modeling for an amazing foundation called Pink Chose Me. But before I go further, you know its time for outfit details!

Sooo, not much thought process went into thinking of the outfit below.. it was a process of elimination really… I thought Fashion Show….Glamour….Lingerie Fashion Show… Not lace no — too tacky and predictable, how about Nude, yes that works and before you know it I picked out the below two piece I had tucked in my closet for no apparent reason waiting to be chosen. I kept the outfit very neutral because it wasn’t all about me ya know.. there’s a Fashion Show going on!


IMG_20141025_1402302014-11-26 17.13.18

Deets: Nude Two Piece by @KoutureClosetBoutique & Cropped Coat @H&M

Now back to the show. First I want to start with my first impression I got, as these lovely ladies walked down the runway showing all of their goodies but in an ever so tasteful way…Wow how normal these women looked. Yes, all different types, sizes, race, style. I loved it plus size, thin, muscular, tom-boy, sweet, naughty all-a-dat! I feel like it was refreshing to see this, it made it very real, made me feel like hey I can buy this an actually wear it and look like that. Pictures below of my favorite looks taken by muah:

IMG_20141025_204558IMG_20141025_205843 IMG_20141126_172355 IMG_20141126_172539 IMG_20141126_172650 IMG_20141126_172925 IMG_20141126_173049 IMG_20141126_173205IMG_20141025_211751

Now at the end of the benefit, Tiffany Jones, the founder of Pink Chose Me had #BreastCancerSurvivors fiercely walk down the runway. These brave women did it all for the cause and its just one of the amazing ways this foundation empowered these women all those watching on beauty and boldness. The show ended with Tiffany stomping down the runway herself, so confident, as she is a survivor as well. It was very commendable. I was in awe, such a strong woman.


Image from MTV.com

The foundation’s mission is “to help women affected with cancer regain their emotional balance, self worth and inner and outer beauty.” The foundation holds workshops of cancer prevention and nutritional healing. Activities the foundation take part in, is as many as yoga, cycling, art therapy, meditation, cooking classes, book clubs, spa treatment, and relationship counseling. Wow, talk about support! The foundation also shows you how to get involved if you  want to jump start your own campaign. I’d say that’s #WomenEmpowerment at its finest. In my opinion we need more women like Tiffany Jones.

You can learn more about her and her foundation here  http://pinkchoseme.org/

Below is an image of the #bravesurvivors:

2014-12-01 16.41.23

Image from @PinkChoseMe Instagram

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