@Architectural Home Design Show 2015 w/ The PropertyBrothers

Recently I have attended the #ArchitecturalDigestHomeDesignShow with exhibits of anything décor and design to jazz up your home to your liking. I don’t have a home of my own yet, however it did inspire me to begin saving for a home…well we all have to start somewhere! And to my surprise…I found out that #MrSilverScott & #MrDrewScott were in the building and suddenly it became the place to be! Read below of what who they are and what they have to say when it comes to revamping your #home… but first! #WhatIWore:


Soooo, since I have a mom that is secretly a #interiordesignexpert, and is constantly re-doing the re-do of her home – I have been exposed to constant reruns of all shows on #HGTV…and all I can think about is tearing down of walls and helmet hats – construction work and so I decided to wear jeans to this event – which I never really do but I felt it fit the bill. They were a pair of ripped up #boyfriendjeans but of course I had to chic them up – so I wore a bodysuit with a blazer and stilettoes of course – all neutral pallets just to stay low key…


Property Brothers – we all know it, seen it, love it and if you haven’t well then get on it! I mean after all it is the number one rated show on #HGTV. Not only do you get an abundance of pointers, how-tos, and knowledge of the real estate market, you get a kick out of watching these brothers…twin brothers….handsome twin brothers…hilarious and handsome twin brothers, ok you get the point…. Anyhoo, as I was saying they are the ones to watch, with 4 shows on the network: Property Brothers, Brother vs. Brother, Brothers at Home and Buying & Selling showing in over 140 countries.

Just as we all wondered – the brothers ensure that everything on the show is 100% real, nothing is staged. The intent of their shows is to really help families in need (which they do not choose, the network chooses). They get a joy out of helping the chosen ones renovate their house in cost effect way. All types of living situations are welcome empty nesters, family homes, or the single man cave types, but most of all you have to have a “kill-room”. Basically a room that needs the work – or else what’s it all for then? The brothers have successfully renovated 250 homes thus far, with about 52 homes per year. Below are there tips when it comes to

  • The purpose of visiting your dream home is to see what will be on your must-have list.
  • Then create an inspiration board for your vision.
  • Make sure you do your research, be aware of known issues in a neighborhood when buying, even if renovations have been done in the past.
  • No one way is the right way! Be creative with solutions, but without sacrificing the aesthetics.
  • Know when you need a professional and know your permits.
  • Receive different quotes on your project.
  • Do not spend what is not planned!
  • Do not live in the space when renovating! Who wants to wake up to drilling and crap everywhere in the morning – be stress free.
  • This should be a fun process, get involved, get the whole family involved; your home should make your life easier.

Are you ready to finally build your dream room? It can be done, follow the tips above to make the process as smooth as possible, and oh watch the show of course! Johnathan welcomes you to copy copy copy, he is there to be plagiarized!  He also welcomes you to be romantized (I just made that word up) as he is single and looking ladies! Below are pictures of the show and all the things that I thought would look cool in the home that I don’t have yet.


20150321_131933     20150321_131744 20150321_131815 20150321_131807 20150321_140203 20150321_140934 20150321_135729 20150321_132015 20150321_140112 20150321_140634 20150321_140706 20150321_140839 20150321_135144 20150321_135314 20150321_133410 20150321_133529 20150321_134841 20150321_132209 20150321_131852

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