@ Marie Claire’s Denim for Days Event

So yesterday I was extended an invite from a lovely blogger friend/soul sistah, Martha, to attend the Marie Claire Denim for Days event in Bloomingdales featuring Brittany Kozerski, Marie Claire’s Fashion Editor and Brooke Jaffe, Bloomingdales VP Fashion Director. The event was held on the second floor in the middle of what I would call a Denim World where all things Denim were easily accessible if you wish to purchase. Light refreshments were served along with watermelon goat cheese bites…..yea I know what you are thinking but they were actually quite good. The ever so chic DJ played tunes from the Disclosure CD which made the atmosphere live and vibrant, well for me at least, cause Lord knows when Latch comes on I want to break into Dance

Ok carrying on… What I Wore
When it comes to events that are very specific, I like to be, you know, not so specific – I’m a fashion rebel that way, and so I wanted to make sure I did not show up in a Denim dress, skirt, or jeans. So what did I wear? I wanted to wear a statement piece. My mind traveled back to once upon a time my awesome mother wore a trench denim coat – yes it exists and so I had to make the call and pull a borrowing act. Now since wearing a denim trench in a heat wave is a bit much, I decided to wear an off the shoulder crop top and a high waist skirt along with open toe pumps. The color scheme for me was in the natural tones, I just feel beiges and grays look better denim, it’s a personal thing – Deets Below:


Top: Missguided Off The Shoulder Crop Top; Boohoo.com Grey Midi Skirt, DKNY Denim Trench, NastyGal Gold Choker, Random Store Open Toe Shoes (sorry don’t remember the name)

Now into the Denim – Each Trend was showcased in a Fashion Show Format with Brittany and Brooke Commentary:

Step into the 70S – With larger than life bell bottoms, no I’m exaggerating but it is a big step from the summer trend of tapered large whole ripped jeans – I think it’s a great step forward and is very chic. Boho chic as the gals explained it. Look below features a bell bottom jean with a drawstring bag and a beautiful ‘mink’ vest. I love anything layered so the contrasting vest really caught my eye. It was recommended to wear with a wedge heel but I feel as if wedge heels make me look wider, so I would also suggest an open toe skinny stiletto until the weather get rigid.


Romance Me – I was in LOVE with these jeans when I saw them on display and excited to see that they were part of the showcase. A fashionista always feels accomplished when their eyes are drawn to something that becomes a trend. So score. Ok anyway, the rope detail on these Seven for all Mankind jeans was just lovely. Makes sense to add a romantic top to the outfit doesn’t


Mix a Little Flare – This style was suggested for the “Body Conscious”: those who do not wish to have the fabric tight on their skin and for some breathing room I might add. I’d say perfect for the fall breezy days with fabulous knee high suede boots. Also – New Fashion Term Alert – added into my vocabulary of all things fashion is a – Mock Neck also known as a turtle neck but not quite. I actually love this silhouette and hope to see it on more garments come this fall, like next month, so fast fashion get on it.


Meet & Greet – As they called it, I actually like that so I’m stealing that term – A meet and greet is just as below a denim pencil skirt with a boxy top that just meets at the hem and greets at the waistband. Accessorize it with a knotting slim silk scarf.


Military – This one is not new but it continues and will always be bad ass – this kind of denim looks best in the olive wash and always has some type of cargo pocket. I love these jeans by Guess in particular because they have a sexy feel to it. Also a pointer by Brittany was that the middle seam helps you appear thinner. It was said to look good on all who tries on according to Brooke, so win/win.


Distressed but Not So Much – Still in but I feel that this one was a bit more together, distressed jeans lately have looked like they have gone through it, these jeans now look like they are getting it back together. They suggest keeping the top conservative since so much is going on below. Olive and grey tones also work best.


The remaining two are the continuing of denim dresses, this time with frayed unfinished hems, and a clean jean look.



I know us gals all have about 15+ jeans in our closet and mainly wear about 3 of them but I encourage you to take a chance and try one of these jean trends, because there is nothing more refreshing than a day of compliments and hey where’d you get that. Now go strut! XO

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