Easy Breezy

Summer Time is here! I love the Summer time vibe but it is hard to fashionably master the heat and balance the high cold air conditioning your office pumps! Today I opted for long sleeve cold shoulder with ruffle detail maxi dress. The sleeve helped keep me warmer at the office with a touch of breeze from the cold shoulder if I braced myself to go outside for an iced coffee. The dress had beautiful details of metallic threading on breathable crepe fabric with buttons traveling down. Its a perfect dress that meets in the middle ground of your cold office and hot sun beaming outside!

Dress is not for sale as its preseasoned by my company Soprano but you can find alternatives at Nordstrom , Bloomingdales and Macy’s Plus!

~With Love, Danielle

#WhatIWore When in Cartagena Colombia !

Recently I ventured off to my first out of country experience for a best friend’s wedding. It was quite an enlightening and exciting experience wrapped in one. Isn’t that what vacation truly is? To go and have lots of fun but to also have eye-opening experiences of humbleness and gratefulness that were needed to refresh your inner soul! The aftermath of a good vacation, in my opinion, is basically just to be exhausted since you just carpe diem’d your way through the whole darn thing, if you did it the right way, at least. You arrive back home and you leave your luggage sitting in a corner for some time until you find that one lazy, probably raining, Sunday to unpack and do laundry. Although this task at first seems very annoying, it is a nice way to relive your memories as you go through your outfits you have lived them in. Probably my favorite part of putting my clothes away after doing laundry. I feel like every fashionista would relate to this point if not, try it. The moment you feel you have nothing to wear, or you feel the urgent need to go shopping for a refill; do your laundry and you feel good again after hanging all your items up as if they just came from the store.

Anyhow, back to unpacking Colombia. I like to plan my outfits based on what the agenda is. Naturally a casual outfit fit for traveling and exploring once you land, a chic outfit for a day on the town, night outfits for dancing and of course swimwear for feeling cute in the sun. Colors are also based on what I envision when I think of the setting I am going. For this trip it was vibrant bold colors and big patterns.

Here are my Colombia choices and their reason for being:


The flight was apprx. 5 hours , so I figured jeans would be the right way to go.                     These Booty Shaper Jeans from #Mandees were not tight and stiff, but thin and comfortable without compromising shape but enhancing all your goods.                            I like the idea of a  medium wash to give my white top a fresh, clean look.

The Arabella Off The Shoulder Cape Crop was a favorite. Easy, flowy and the right fabric which was breathable enough but did not wrinkle and look sloppy after a long day of traveling. #boohoousa

Lastly the shoe choice – I wanted a pop of fun and added a bold orange color lace up suede sandal with tassel ties. Embellished sandals or shoes in general are all the rave right now. It’s just a way to have fun in fashion. These are sold out, but here is another option for a special touch – Ruffle Sandals  #HMOOTD

To match, these fabulous Yellow Tassel Earrings!

IMG_20170324_172336_644 IMG_20170324_175533_956

That night we had a Chiva scheduled for the night before the wedding. A Chiva is an artisan rustic bus used in rural Colombia. We picked up the bride to be along with all the other guests of the party and blasted music and cheered on with the streets in celebration. Believe me when I tell you, extreme amount of fun, a must do.

For this celebration, I knew it was going to be a night of dancing, so hair went up in a bun, which I rarely do, but with this Frill Off the Shoulder ensemble I found it very fitting. This outfit was so easy and the kept me cool all night long. #boohoousa

Also wear a pair of block heels, it’s easier to cha-cha in 🙂

The next day we decided to hit the beach for some sun – but in order to get to a really beautiful beach – we had to take a boat ride, not only did I need to wear something light weight for the heat, I needed to wear something that will dry off the wet waves that were going to land on me.

I opted for a Bralet Palazzo Trouser Co-Ord , the flare seemed fitting. #boohoousa

First time I had cooked fish and a pina colada straight out of a pineapple, can you say bombdiggity?!

Then finally the wedding came – and I felt the need to be in an emerald ball gown with a dash of sexy Double Thigh Split Maxi Dress , it paired so well with the flower crown they gave everyone after the ceremony! – For a metallic accent, I decided to wear Rose Gold. Obsessed with Rose Gold, nowadays, it’s the perfect flirty touch.


As you can imagine – the last day was a day where whatever I wore needed to be easy and light. We were going to explore for the last time, but with the energy of well, being at a great wedding the night before, so you know how that goes.


Other visuals of the trip – Must Go #CartagenaColombia

What a trip! Beautiful architecture. fresh fruit, along with easy dressing, just the way it should be. xo