@ Hotel On Rivington Date, Dine & A Little Bit of Wine

Dining at Hotel Rivington (I believe the correct name of the area is “CO-OP Food & Drink”) was just as tasty to the mouth as it was appealing to the eye. I live for hidden spots like these. First and foremost you walk into this cave like doorway, dope right, already you feel like you’re about to step into some list only, exclusive restaurant.


Except it’s the opposite, you’re stepping into a hotel first and then…steer right, you hit the dining area.


Any artsy girls, aka ME, dream. Wall covered murals to the right and to the left a gallery of people including icons like Betsey Johnson (my fav!). So besides sitting pretty, I like to eat pretty too and so another pro to this restaurant is the food. Plates are made to share which was perfect for my date and I, right before thanksgiving. Prices were pretty fair, we started off with drinks of course. Then we had a plate of Ginger Bread Chicken and a couple of plates of Mash Potatoes: home cooking style. It is said that menu is made to include a range of ‘globally inspired, locally sourced cuisine’ . So in other words, it sounded fancy, looked fancy but tasted just like your momma made it back in the days in her own kitchen, can you say Winning?!?! I’d give this restaurant a thumbs up. We went on a weeknight and it was quiet and cozy. The seats are made for under the table cuddling too, after all its cuffin’ season!!!! 😉 😉 😉


Address: 107 Rivington St(between Essex and Ludlow)New York, NY 10002 212-796-8040

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@ The Palms Rockaway Beach Vibes & All Things White

We have one more weekend left, as this Summer is coming to a close and that means bye bye to beach vibes and all things white (#ootd below)

Looking for somewhere relaxing to go on any day of the long weekend? Check out The Palms by Rockaway Beach. It is a very cute and cozy beachy lounge area where you can just vibe out with your gals, enjoy smoothies and snacks, lifestyle pop ups, movie nights, yoga. I mean the list just goes on, talk about using space wisely.


The gals and I below went for a chat and quick snack before we got our tan on just down the street at the beach.


I ordered a Chia Mango which was very tasty and filling just for $8 – don’t forget your dolla bills because this joint is cash only. The menu also consists of wraps, rice bowls and Yuca snacks. It was the perfect setting to just chill out, quiet enough, and secluded enough as we were surrounded by vibrant green palm trees and flowers. It was a well thought out concept and I hope you check it out before the Summer ends. On Sunday 9/6 Watch Pulp Fiction 8pm (fyi you can byob).


The area is very cute with lots of art walls which we can all appreciate. Enjoy the little photo shoot below of my gals and their favorites.

The Palms is open Tues.-Thurs. from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m., Fri.-Mon. from 8 a.m.- 10 p.m. Visit thepalmsrockaway.com for the full line-up of upcoming events.

@Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar



Hi There!

So, because I am always out in about in this marvelous city and I do get a lot of questions on places I go to, I have decided to start a ‘Bites & Thangs’ Column on my blog – to let you know if you should check check check it out as well. I will begin with my most current outing but will backtrack on previous ones, just because some of them have been great and really do recommend. OK ! Lets Begin –

This past Saturday, I attended the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar –

First thoughts – well where in the heck is this place. It directed, it as in Google Maps, to the Conrad Hotel and basically you are stuck in the lobby wandering and wondering. Until you choose to ask the front desk, which I did but they sent me to the second floor restaurant which was not the rooftop I was looking for. Ok, now onto the front desk of the second floor – they directed me to the elevators. There was a sign stating that the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar was at capacity – which was a bummer because the weather was perfect and so was my outfit …. wait a minute, I knew I forgot something – what I wore duh! See deets below :

Like I said it was a beautiful sunny Saturday in NYC – I opted for a light weight flower dress from Boohoo.com with my white mules from Target. It was quite perfect actually 🙂

Now of course I told my friend, well lets just see and we stood on a short line for about ten minutes, traffic seemed to move quickly in and out of the rooftop. Once we were let in, I understood why… it was super small for one – think like a patio, image below from their website:


It was narrow, no seating at the bar, and limited seating all throughout. There was literally no where to go, so my guess is most left to come back at a later time. Others hovered over at the bar, including my friend and I, hawking over the seated guests, ready to tackle the seats as soon as they lifted their bottoms off of it.

Another reason why I think people were in and out leaving was because the wait time for the drinks was quite long. It didn’t make that much sense, since everyone there was going to get about the same drink. After all, how many popsicle bars are there out there? Finally we order our $20 Strawberry Prosecco Icepop and….


I don’t know what to make of it, oh yes I do – I got a great picture out of it but I didn’t even know what to do – Was I supposed to drink the Prosecco and hold the popsicle stick to the side? Was I supposed to just suck on the popsicle and dunk it in the Prosecco like it was chocolate chip cookies and milk?? Or wait for the popsicle to melt like what? I think I did all three – the taste was just ok nothing amazing but hey I guess I get to say I had a drink once with a popsicle in it right??

Overall – come here for one drink, and don’t expect food – except for nuts, olives and chips..

The ambiance however, was great I do have to say. Light music, perfect breeze and great view. This would be my opinion, for a nice meet and greet with someone on tinder , ha ha did I just say that, not that I’m on it or anything….

P.S. We did finally get to sit but by then our drinks were finished and we just seemed like seat hoggers. :/

Happy Drinking 🙂

Loopy Droopy Rooftop Bar