@ Marie Claire’s Denim for Days Event


So yesterday I was extended an invite from a lovely blogger friend/soul sistah, Martha, to attend the Marie Claire Denim for Days event in Bloomingdales featuring Brittany Kozerski, Marie Claire’s Fashion Editor and Brooke Jaffe, Bloomingdales VP Fashion Director. The event was held on the second floor in the middle of what I would call a Denim World where all things Denim were easily accessible if you wish to purchase. Light refreshments were served along with watermelon goat cheese bites…..yea I know what you are thinking but they were actually quite good. The ever so chic DJ played tunes from the Disclosure CD which made the atmosphere live and vibrant, well for me at least, cause Lord knows when Latch comes on I want to break into Dance

Ok carrying on… What I Wore
When it comes to events that are very specific, I like to be, you know, not so specific – I’m a fashion rebel that way, and so I wanted to make sure I did not show up in a Denim dress, skirt, or jeans. So what did I wear? I wanted to wear a statement piece. My mind traveled back to once upon a time my awesome mother wore a trench denim coat – yes it exists and so I had to make the call and pull a borrowing act. Now since wearing a denim trench in a heat wave is a bit much, I decided to wear an off the shoulder crop top and a high waist skirt along with open toe pumps. The color scheme for me was in the natural tones, I just feel beiges and grays look better denim, it’s a personal thing – Deets Below:


Top: Missguided Off The Shoulder Crop Top; Boohoo.com Grey Midi Skirt, DKNY Denim Trench, NastyGal Gold Choker, Random Store Open Toe Shoes (sorry don’t remember the name)

Now into the Denim – Each Trend was showcased in a Fashion Show Format with Brittany and Brooke Commentary:

Step into the 70S – With larger than life bell bottoms, no I’m exaggerating but it is a big step from the summer trend of tapered large whole ripped jeans – I think it’s a great step forward and is very chic. Boho chic as the gals explained it. Look below features a bell bottom jean with a drawstring bag and a beautiful ‘mink’ vest. I love anything layered so the contrasting vest really caught my eye. It was recommended to wear with a wedge heel but I feel as if wedge heels make me look wider, so I would also suggest an open toe skinny stiletto until the weather get rigid.


Romance Me – I was in LOVE with these jeans when I saw them on display and excited to see that they were part of the showcase. A fashionista always feels accomplished when their eyes are drawn to something that becomes a trend. So score. Ok anyway, the rope detail on these Seven for all Mankind jeans was just lovely. Makes sense to add a romantic top to the outfit doesn’t


Mix a Little Flare – This style was suggested for the “Body Conscious”: those who do not wish to have the fabric tight on their skin and for some breathing room I might add. I’d say perfect for the fall breezy days with fabulous knee high suede boots. Also – New Fashion Term Alert – added into my vocabulary of all things fashion is a – Mock Neck also known as a turtle neck but not quite. I actually love this silhouette and hope to see it on more garments come this fall, like next month, so fast fashion get on it.


Meet & Greet – As they called it, I actually like that so I’m stealing that term – A meet and greet is just as below a denim pencil skirt with a boxy top that just meets at the hem and greets at the waistband. Accessorize it with a knotting slim silk scarf.


Military – This one is not new but it continues and will always be bad ass – this kind of denim looks best in the olive wash and always has some type of cargo pocket. I love these jeans by Guess in particular because they have a sexy feel to it. Also a pointer by Brittany was that the middle seam helps you appear thinner. It was said to look good on all who tries on according to Brooke, so win/win.


Distressed but Not So Much – Still in but I feel that this one was a bit more together, distressed jeans lately have looked like they have gone through it, these jeans now look like they are getting it back together. They suggest keeping the top conservative since so much is going on below. Olive and grey tones also work best.


The remaining two are the continuing of denim dresses, this time with frayed unfinished hems, and a clean jean look.



I know us gals all have about 15+ jeans in our closet and mainly wear about 3 of them but I encourage you to take a chance and try one of these jean trends, because there is nothing more refreshing than a day of compliments and hey where’d you get that. Now go strut! XO

@Architectural Home Design Show 2015 w/ The PropertyBrothers

Recently I have attended the #ArchitecturalDigestHomeDesignShow with exhibits of anything décor and design to jazz up your home to your liking. I don’t have a home of my own yet, however it did inspire me to begin saving for a home…well we all have to start somewhere! And to my surprise…I found out that #MrSilverScott & #MrDrewScott were in the building and suddenly it became the place to be! Read below of what who they are and what they have to say when it comes to revamping your #home… but first! #WhatIWore:


Soooo, since I have a mom that is secretly a #interiordesignexpert, and is constantly re-doing the re-do of her home – I have been exposed to constant reruns of all shows on #HGTV…and all I can think about is tearing down of walls and helmet hats – construction work and so I decided to wear jeans to this event – which I never really do but I felt it fit the bill. They were a pair of ripped up #boyfriendjeans but of course I had to chic them up – so I wore a bodysuit with a blazer and stilettoes of course – all neutral pallets just to stay low key…


Property Brothers – we all know it, seen it, love it and if you haven’t well then get on it! I mean after all it is the number one rated show on #HGTV. Not only do you get an abundance of pointers, how-tos, and knowledge of the real estate market, you get a kick out of watching these brothers…twin brothers….handsome twin brothers…hilarious and handsome twin brothers, ok you get the point…. Anyhoo, as I was saying they are the ones to watch, with 4 shows on the network: Property Brothers, Brother vs. Brother, Brothers at Home and Buying & Selling showing in over 140 countries.

Just as we all wondered – the brothers ensure that everything on the show is 100% real, nothing is staged. The intent of their shows is to really help families in need (which they do not choose, the network chooses). They get a joy out of helping the chosen ones renovate their house in cost effect way. All types of living situations are welcome empty nesters, family homes, or the single man cave types, but most of all you have to have a “kill-room”. Basically a room that needs the work – or else what’s it all for then? The brothers have successfully renovated 250 homes thus far, with about 52 homes per year. Below are there tips when it comes to

  • The purpose of visiting your dream home is to see what will be on your must-have list.
  • Then create an inspiration board for your vision.
  • Make sure you do your research, be aware of known issues in a neighborhood when buying, even if renovations have been done in the past.
  • No one way is the right way! Be creative with solutions, but without sacrificing the aesthetics.
  • Know when you need a professional and know your permits.
  • Receive different quotes on your project.
  • Do not spend what is not planned!
  • Do not live in the space when renovating! Who wants to wake up to drilling and crap everywhere in the morning – be stress free.
  • This should be a fun process, get involved, get the whole family involved; your home should make your life easier.

Are you ready to finally build your dream room? It can be done, follow the tips above to make the process as smooth as possible, and oh watch the show of course! Johnathan welcomes you to copy copy copy, he is there to be plagiarized!  He also welcomes you to be romantized (I just made that word up) as he is single and looking ladies! Below are pictures of the show and all the things that I thought would look cool in the home that I don’t have yet.


20150321_131933     20150321_131744 20150321_131815 20150321_131807 20150321_140203 20150321_140934 20150321_135729 20150321_132015 20150321_140112 20150321_140634 20150321_140706 20150321_140839 20150321_135144 20150321_135314 20150321_133410 20150321_133529 20150321_134841 20150321_132209 20150321_131852

@Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party ft. Zac Posen

Let me tell you! The wedding industry is MASSIVE. I didn’t notice until I walked into Gotham Hall for Martha’s Wedding Party. If this whole blog thing doesn’t work out, I know where I’m headed!! I’m just half kidding. Haha! Sheesh, this event was a packed frenzy with all the brides to be, mom’s of the bride to be, cousin’s best friend’s sister of the bride to be..let’s just say everybody was up in there. What was so mesmerizing was how much passion was in their eyes. I guess I would be too if this was that time in my life. And of course as should be. That’s why they chose to have designer Zac Posen help guide the way on how to plan and handle the most visual aspect of the wedding: the walk down the aisle, the dress, the bride! Darcy Miller also shared a few good pointer based on her own experiences as a bride.

But first!_ #WhatIWore Because I don’t believe in fashion rules… actually no true fashionista does. I wore all white and yes in the winter. BOOM! I just figured, hey I’m not getting married but heck why can’t I wear all white and fake it till I make it. Everyone kept asking me when “the date” is..and me having to explain “oh..no I’m just a blogger.” Followed by “oh.. (awkward pause) well I love your outfit” Score!!!


2 Piece: Cowl Neck Sweater Crop Top + Sweater Knit Midi Skirt @H&M

On How to Keep Your Cool with Planning  – Darcy Miller
– Things that cost you the least are the things you actually remember from your wedding day.
– The focal point of your wedding should come from inspiration from who you and your partner are and what you enjoy.
– Remember the most important thing is your getting married.
– Budget 10% less than what your going to spend and stick to it.

The Dress – Designer Zac Posen
– When it comes to planning – Create an inspiration book of clippings of what you would like to look like. In your own privacy try on plenty of shapes, find out what works best for you, what you FEEL GOOD in.
– When it comes to planning the color – Create a mood board. Build on color with swatches and clippings. Create a story of expression of the union.
– When it comes to the details – It’s all about the entrance and the goodbye. Pay attention to the detail of the front – not everyone has to have a sleeveless top. Many brides prefer the traditional look due to religion reasons or what they feel comfortable in. Sleeves make a dress more elegant. Keep a touch of classic with a hair pin or jewelry. And for shoes…no one sees them..ever.. so be comfortable – wedges are a good go to.
– When it comes to everyone else – A collaborative effort works it’s best. You don’t want your bridal party to feel uncomfortable you want everyone feeling joyous and celebrating..not hiding under the table or in a corner.

Whether your planning your wedding now or planning on planning to get married like me in the future, keep these pointers in your back pocket and remember… keep your cool, cause no one likes a Bridezilla!

Images Below of the event:















@TheMakeUpShow Holiday Pop-Up Shop


Ok can I just say that Make Up is soooo fun. Regardless if you are someone who says “Oh I don’t wear too much makeup” or “I like to CAKE it ONNNN”. I’d say I’m in between. But again regardless, you know that when make up is around you have fun playing with it or just seeing the transformation. Jay Vincent said it best today when describing the artistry (is that even a word??) of Make Up Artists “We deal with you in your most insecure and vulnerable moments to bring out the joy, beauty and confidence in you”. Further deets below on what this Make Up Guru advises on building your kit. Plus the products that stood out to me the most…. BUT FIRST, What I wore… I am a fashionista afterall, cause I’m still a rookie on this make up stuff!

So I think Make Up Show….Make Up Artists…Glam Glam Thank You Mam…Bold Leather! So I opt for a pleather, yep pleather cause I love the animals ya know, and bold dark makeup, to top it off (literally) a snake headband because I thought gaudy and I snake on my head sounded good at the time. But it was Killer!

InstaSize_2014_11 _ 610877[1]

Skirt: GoJane.com / HeadBand: Boohoo.com / LipStick: Cyber @MacCosmetics

How To Build Your Kit – Know what kind of Make Up Artist you are.


Jay says, kits are way too big now, make up artists want to carry every single thing they own. But he warns not to do this, it’s too heavy and makes you see like you don’t have a plan for the glam. Below are pointers he gives to developing a kit that is small and compact.

When it comes to Complexion –

Include a good skin care product that will act as a primer and a moisture magnet. Therefore choose one you can use in any season change: winter or summer and it can also reduce redness. He recommends the brand Skindinavia for all age groups and types of skin.

Foundation is mean to be a canvas. Choose a product that allows you to build a beautiful product ON TOP of it.

Use a foundation that has a broad range. It is also outdated to use one foundation. He says everyone has multiple skin tones, having good two choices of foundation to blend will make it seem more natural.

Carry a mini sizes of foundation because you never really use the whole product on just one sitting, so there is no use in carrying the true sized bottle/palette.

2014-12-07 11.57.41

Perfect 2Sided Contour Tool

2014-12-07 11.56.52

5 Mini Foundation Kit





For the transformation –

Brows – Should not look like it is painted on and do not make it all about the brows because that should not be the focal point of your art. It should all sit well in a balance. Take a Brow kit with you that allows you to play with the shades and textures to get more of a natural look.

Eyes – Carry palettes, which will allow you to mix and match rather than small single ones. Matte pallets are very in right now because of their lasting wear. This is where having a point of view comes in, your pallet should be a group of color that coincides with the look you want to make on your client.20141206_120917

Lips – Again a point of view on the shades of lip wear you would need in order to travel light. He suggests the lip tar below – it has long-lasting staying power, which is what every make up artist needs for their client.




The Lip Tar has more of a matte finish but you can also carry a gloss to make it gleam.








Lashes – The goal is to make it look realistic, so you only need one set of natural looking lashes. He points out that putting on lashes with the glue to glue concept (glue on the lash line of the eye, then glue on the line of the falsies) allows for a much longer wear.

Most Important Details –

Brushes – You need to invest in the tools you need to do the job and have a great set of brushes.20141206_121849

Sanitizer – You must must must sanitize your items – this is very important now a days and yes your client is looking at how clean you are. Sanitize your items before you use it on them on the client.20141206_143418 This goes hand in hand with also using a hand sanitizer every time you are going to touch their face and having a breath mint.20141206_143746 20141206_143410






Lastly for those that do he whole shebang – below are two amazing items that you can use to travel with in order to complete the whole look.20141206_143001






Alright well that about wraps it all up! Hopefully you guys re-evaluate and show up at your next gig looking compact! Your and your kit that is! Xo

If you want to attend this pop up – it is going on today 10-5 @ The Metropolitan Pavillion – get your tickets here: http://www.themakeupshow.com/special-events/

Other cool things….

20141207_124751[1] 20141207_124948[1] 20141207_125213[1]

@Closing Benefit #LingerieFashionWeek w/ #PinkChoseMe

Hi There!

So sorry for the time lag in between posts. I’ve been busy busy busy. I actually wanted to share with you my experience attending the Closing Benefit of Lingerie Fashion Week that I went to at the end of October. (I know I know, NOW you say!) Well I’ve had to do a little bit of research for this blog post because I thought I was just attending a normal Fashion Show… not that I ever go to these things, it was my first time! Let me continue, I thought I was going to a regular fashion show, but this fashion show in particular show-cased women of modeling for an amazing foundation called Pink Chose Me. But before I go further, you know its time for outfit details!

Sooo, not much thought process went into thinking of the outfit below.. it was a process of elimination really… I thought Fashion Show….Glamour….Lingerie Fashion Show… Not lace no — too tacky and predictable, how about Nude, yes that works and before you know it I picked out the below two piece I had tucked in my closet for no apparent reason waiting to be chosen. I kept the outfit very neutral because it wasn’t all about me ya know.. there’s a Fashion Show going on!


IMG_20141025_1402302014-11-26 17.13.18

Deets: Nude Two Piece by @KoutureClosetBoutique & Cropped Coat @H&M

Now back to the show. First I want to start with my first impression I got, as these lovely ladies walked down the runway showing all of their goodies but in an ever so tasteful way…Wow how normal these women looked. Yes, all different types, sizes, race, style. I loved it plus size, thin, muscular, tom-boy, sweet, naughty all-a-dat! I feel like it was refreshing to see this, it made it very real, made me feel like hey I can buy this an actually wear it and look like that. Pictures below of my favorite looks taken by muah:

IMG_20141025_204558IMG_20141025_205843 IMG_20141126_172355 IMG_20141126_172539 IMG_20141126_172650 IMG_20141126_172925 IMG_20141126_173049 IMG_20141126_173205IMG_20141025_211751

Now at the end of the benefit, Tiffany Jones, the founder of Pink Chose Me had #BreastCancerSurvivors fiercely walk down the runway. These brave women did it all for the cause and its just one of the amazing ways this foundation empowered these women all those watching on beauty and boldness. The show ended with Tiffany stomping down the runway herself, so confident, as she is a survivor as well. It was very commendable. I was in awe, such a strong woman.


Image from MTV.com

The foundation’s mission is “to help women affected with cancer regain their emotional balance, self worth and inner and outer beauty.” The foundation holds workshops of cancer prevention and nutritional healing. Activities the foundation take part in, is as many as yoga, cycling, art therapy, meditation, cooking classes, book clubs, spa treatment, and relationship counseling. Wow, talk about support! The foundation also shows you how to get involved if you  want to jump start your own campaign. I’d say that’s #WomenEmpowerment at its finest. In my opinion we need more women like Tiffany Jones.

You can learn more about her and her foundation here  http://pinkchoseme.org/

Below is an image of the #bravesurvivors:

2014-12-01 16.41.23

Image from @PinkChoseMe Instagram

Learn to Be #Fearless to live a #FunLife @FunFearlessLife Event by Cosmopolitan Mag

First and foremost I just want to say how inspiring it was for me to attend this event. It was exactly what I needed and I am so excited to share this as my first post and with all of you readers at that!

But before we get to the nitty gritty of it all – please see my outfits for Day 1 & Day 2 below.

When I think of going on event that circulates on Women Empowerment – what comes to mind is the fact that I am most likely going to be around Strong Powerful Women and so I want to impose that I am serious through the clothing that I wear. I also thought to myself, well if I want the part I have to be the part. I chose two outfits that in my opinion gave me the confidence to stand among such pioneers and also spoke my confidence without having to say a word. As you will read below your fashion does speak before you even do and your stance also speaks volumes and so I, ever so humbly, held my head high and walked into the Lincoln Center feeling all kinds of Fabulousness.


Serious Monochrome – Blazer Dress @ Venus.com / B&W @ Enzo Angiolini / BriefCase Bag @ Target


Sweet Business – Pleather Skirt @ Boohoo.com / Plaid/Foral Blouse @ Bohohoo.com / Silver T-Straps @ Steve Madden

#PinUp Hair & MakeUp done by dear friend Margarita How To Instructions: youtube.com/user/sadieglam / @SadieGlam_ _ _ / SadieGlam24@gmail.com

The event was so much fun and had many perks by #Express & #Maybelline. You can find these pictures on my Instagram Page @DeeLovelyDiaries . Hit that Like button and any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for reading dolls!

The event was spearheaded by #Cosmopolitan Magazine and was named the Fun Fearless Life Event. It was split into 5 sessions of different panels from all scopes of people who actually pushed through the Fear and are now living out their dreams despite any negatives and any hurdles that may have come their way.

Each session had a group of Panelists – below are the ones that spoke to me and my takeaways:

Sara Blakely – Creator of Spanx “Thank God for Cellulite”

  • It takes two things to be successful: Attitude & Drive
  • These are the only two things you have full control over. It is even more important than what school you went to, who you know, and how you look. If you have the right attitude and drive you will get where you need to be.

Julie Greenwald – President of Island Records, began her career in Def Jam Records

  • No job is too small or too big.
  • There is no punching clock when you are on your career path.

Sallie Krawcheck – Ellevate Network

  • Don’t waste your energy in feeling outnumbered by the number of men in your industry. Instead use it to your advantage and be strategic in a male dominated position.

Megyn Kelly – The Kelly Files on FOX News

  • Pay attention to your “A-HA” moment.

Dr. Meg Jay – Author of Defining the Decade: Why your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now

  • Make something out of your weak ties! A weak tie is someone you are not good friends with. 75% of your opportunities come from a contact that you don’t know well.
  • Look for those people who are different and distant because there are weaknesses in Strong Ties:Yes, they are the most supportive, your similarity with them breeds connection but you are limiting yourself, it is like you are locked in the same room together.
  • The time is now to network and move beyond your circle. Social networks narrow as you get older! Start connecting.

Amy Cuddy – Social Psychologist; Professor @ Harvard Business School

  • Body Language – yes it’s important beyond your instagram pictures!
  • How we pose says so much about ourselves and what message we want to put out there. Unfortunately off camera we forget about these poses but you must remember someone is always watching. You don’t want to be sluggish in an important job interview right so what does Amy Cuddy suggest? – Power Posing
  • Power Posing is a stance that makes you feel powerful. Superman, or in our case Wonder Women superhero pose comes to mind or the victory pose as we see many times in competitive arenas. She suggests power posing before interviews or even before tackling on your day. If you start you day off in a good mood, it makes you smile and then you remain in a good mood. Maybe this seems odd for you to randomly pose like this, even in your most private times, she also suggests standing up straight. Tiny tweaks such as this one can make the biggest changes.

Dick Costolo – CEO of Twitter

  • Keep it Authentic
  • You don’t have to worry about ones expectations!

Grace Helbig – You Tube Sensation – Creator of It’s Grace

  • Celebrate your imperfections
  • Do not think of what is popular for everyone else. Do it for you first.

Adam Rosante – Fitness Expert @ CosmoBody

  • Decide what you want, get a crystal clear goal, focus on that goal.
  • Work backwards to “reverse engineer” your success with small daily tasks.
  • These actionable small tasks ignites motivation for you to keep going.

Kelly Osborne – Creator of Stories Clothing Line

  • Learn to Love Yourself!
  • Living lives we think we should more than the way we want is not the way to live. You are settling by living by someone else’s rules.

Jillian Michaels – Author of Slim for Life

  • Find the middle ground between desperation and denial & overflow and bingeing.
  • Be informed. Knowledge empowers you.

MD Jennifer Ashton – Author of Your Body Beautiful

  • Your success starts from taking charge of your health and well-being.

Jason Silva – Host of Brain Games

  • Overcome limitations. Listen to your inner thoughts intuition.
  • Use Technology to extend your reach.

Alexa Von Tobel – Author of Financially Fearless

  • When asking for a raise at work it is important to show your boss your career path in three easy points:
  1. State your accomplishments
  2. Show what you are currently working on
  3. Ask to take on more responsibility

Joanna Coles – Editor-in-Chief of US Cosmopolitan Magazine

  • Encourages us to create our own brand and point of view through Social Media.
  • Keep your energy high.
  • When your on a job interview your goal is to reinforce the interviewer you can get the job done.

Elizabeth Crystal – Chief Marketing Officer @ Express

  • Dress for the Job you Want.
  • Be appropriate in every situation.
  • Own Your Look. Make it apart of your personality.
  • Your fashion speaks before you.

Nina Vaca – Creator of Pinnacle Group

  • Surround yourself with role models – You can’t be what you can’t see.

Gabrielle Bernstein – New York Times Best Selling Author; Founder of HerFuture.com

  • Do not be addicted to the pretense of “Fabulousness”.
  • Witness what is going on around you and take note of what you need to change. What is holding you back from your honest truth?
  • After you hold yourself accountable to change, focus on Joy.
  • Having Joy Increases Your Chances Of Success!

Now I am sure after having reading all of this, just as I felt after hearing all of this, that you are feeling Powerful & Fearless. The time is now! Lets start living our Fun Fearless Life!