It’s A New Me

2014-10-28 19 05 10

Hi There, I know I know its been a while.. but I’m back and better than ever! I feel the need to reintroduce myself, as its been about 2 years and I am completely a different person. Well kinda sorta.. still a mother of two – except at two years later – parenting is easier for the time being as my kids learn how to be independent and also… the super cute options they have nowadays for these kids. Geez sometimes I want to wear what my daughters wearing! I am still hard working in my career as my role has expanded to a Junior Rep meaning I get to sell to the stores what you guys will be buying! I’ll try to sell the good stuff so you guys have good options..

So what’s different you say — well I’m no longer Miss Dee Love. Sometimes I think about that and I just want to smack myself for dubbing myself that nick name – but hey we were all young once right? If I was going to go farther back – I dubbed myself DMoney…but we’re not going to talk about that, ha!

Ok so anyhoo┬ámy name is Danielle and I am now 27 years old, I’m in the peak of my career and I have new insights on what I wear out as it differs to work, mommy days, and to events. To sum it up I like to keep it classy and so I guess I would say now I do have a style type and that’s it. But I don’t mind dabbling into different personas. Sometimes I wish I was like Lady Gaga since she always seems to be asking herself every morning “Hmm, who would I like to be today?” So I do take risks yes.

Furthermore I would l like to expand this blog and touch on many different things beginning with fashion and mommy-hood, then onto the art and events and also on deeper issues like why I am a new found Christian and Domestic Violence.

So please stay tuned and please check me out, comments and feedback are welcomed. Also hit that like button below! I just want to share how I view the world through my eyes. Ciao now.

Hello there Fashionista,

I would like to introduce myself_I go by the name of Dee Love or Dee for short ;). I am from the big apple NYC where you find inspirations everywhere from a corner in Brooklyn to a rooftop Brunch in Manhattan. I am a FIT graduate and a mother of 2 and as a hard working mother I must relieve some stress in my daily fashions. I am starting this blog because I believe there is a dire need for a blog where you can actually relate and find the inspirations I will be presenting to you. All photos will be mine unless I find something incredibly cool and have to share ! I am new to blogging but I know it will be fun. Fashion on Fashionistas !

Dee Love