@ Hotel On Rivington Date, Dine & A Little Bit of Wine

Dining at Hotel Rivington (I believe the correct name of the area is “CO-OP Food & Drink”) was just as tasty to the mouth as it was appealing to the eye. I live for hidden spots like these. First and foremost you walk into this cave like doorway, dope right, already you feel like you’re about to step into some list only, exclusive restaurant.


Except it’s the opposite, you’re stepping into a hotel first and then…steer right, you hit the dining area.


Any artsy girls, aka ME, dream. Wall covered murals to the right and to the left a gallery of people including icons like Betsey Johnson (my fav!). So besides sitting pretty, I like to eat pretty too and so another pro to this restaurant is the food. Plates are made to share which was perfect for my date and I, right before thanksgiving. Prices were pretty fair, we started off with drinks of course. Then we had a plate of Ginger Bread Chicken and a couple of plates of Mash Potatoes: home cooking style. It is said that menu is made to include a range of ‘globally inspired, locally sourced cuisine’ . So in other words, it sounded fancy, looked fancy but tasted just like your momma made it back in the days in her own kitchen, can you say Winning?!?! I’d give this restaurant a thumbs up. We went on a weeknight and it was quiet and cozy. The seats are made for under the table cuddling too, after all its cuffin’ season!!!! 😉 😉 😉


Address: 107 Rivington St(between Essex and Ludlow)New York, NY 10002 212-796-8040

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FIX IT JESUS! – Hair Treatment Review

If you know anything about me, you know about my hair journey…and how I decided to go blonde….but not the right way…and not considering the fact that I barely needed to take care of my hair. Since then my hair has been through a lot, I’m feeling the blonde, love it actually but boy it takes work! You have to like dye it all the time and then you have to take care of it like if it was your new born baby.. Too much work if you ask me but somethings got to give right! I would have to say I have been on the search for a product that just would transform my hair back to its original texture. And thanks to #ElleInnerCircle – they sent me a product to test – introducing the “Moisture Intense Oil Crème Pre-Shampoo Treatment” by @AlternaHairCare I was able to wash achieve a soft texture – on my one, might I add – and have it styled just the way I like it without being coarse. Ok so see pics below and don’t laugh ok!

I know its brutal – It all began with my hair being a hot mess – Exhibition A –


Instructions were to apply the pre-shampoo onto my dry hair and massage it from root to tip – Exhibition B (Don’t mind my facial expression I was trying to be sexy – FAIL –HA)


Wait 15 minutes – then go rinse it all out and shampoo and conditioner as normal. What I noticed was that it felt like a seal of some sort – locking in all the nutrients the product provides include Avocado & Olive Oils .


After I dried my own hair, blowed that baby out and curled it and voila – Exhibition C –


All in all I love this product, I will def buy a full size – You can buy at Sephora for $30 or alternahaircare.com – Get it Gurl! – BE FABULOUS

Ring In The Pleather

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